About Harvey

Harvey The College Wizard® In The News

Since he was a freshman at Dartmouth in 1976, Harvey has been tutoring SAT and ACT.  He is the first SAT tutor ever to be awarded his own Wikipedia page.  Over the past 40 years, His success rate for perfect (or near perfect) SAT and ACT scores exceeds anything traditional tutoring could deliver.  


But then Harvey employs the same entrepreneurial skill that built a series of multi-millionaire businesses to turn each student into a UNIQUE BRAND that makes that student memorable, distinctive and IRRESISTIBLE to admissions officers.   


Harvey guides his students to do amazing things, such as becoming the CEO of their own business or charity, a published author, an off-Broadway show director and producer, radio talk show host, $200 an hour consultant, inventor or internet entrepreneur. (And he shows students how to accomplish these things in 6 weeks or less.)


Finally, Harvey oversees the crafting of every application essay from start to finish, to ensure that the entire application package his students submit absolutely WOWs admissions officers and virtually guarantees acceptance to any dream school.


Harvey's program has been vetted and validated by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as The Dartmouth.  Harvey's program is even featured in Small Business Management, the textbook used by MBA programs throughout the United States.