Yes! Your child can get into the school of their dreams. With The College Wizard®

Even schools like Harvard, which accepts only 5% of applicants.  My unique SAT tutoring system, creative approach to student branding and distinctive application essay crafting consistently gets 95% of students into their first choice school.


Looking for a tutor to help improve your child's SAT score?

So are parents of equally gifted students who will be later competing for one of the few available spots at selective schools.  You can work with any tutor out there who has good reviews.

Want your child to not only perform well on a test but also to get into the school of their dreams? You need to work with me.

Hi, I'm Harvey "The College" Wizard

Successful Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, SAT Tutor & Mentor

Back when I was preparing for my own SAT in high school, I developed a set of precise rules that beat the SAT and catapulted my own score to a near-perfect 1580.

Then, looking for a way to earn extra money while a freshman at Dartmouth, I discovered I could teach my College Wizard® SAT rules to high school students and watch them achieve equally remarkable gains in their own SAT scores.

Later, while in charge of interviewing students for my alma mater, I learned how to win Ivy League admissions officers over first-hand.

Add to this my passion for teaching and mentoring, entrepreneurial mindset, and creative, out-of-the-box approach to marketing just about anything, and you get the perfect coach to help your child secure a spot at any school they choose.


The College Wizard® Program


Is your child an excellent student but a poor test taker? Are they shy, opinionated or have an attention deficit? I'll tune our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to their unique personality and learning style to help them achieve their full potential without overwhelm. 



My proprietary College Wizard® SAT rules provide a simple but highly effective roadmap to beating the SAT based on neuroscience.

  • Personalized 1-on-1 tutoring

  • Unlimited sessions

  • A clear roadmap to 1530+ scores


With the help of my team, I'll turn your child into a nationally recognized superstar whose achievements form the basis of impressive application essays.

  • Personal branding projects

  • Creative marketing strategies

  • Support by an in-house PR firm


Based on their branding projects, I'll help your child create emotionally powerful essays that admissions officers can't help but say "yes" to.

  • Captivating movie script writing style

  • Support of pro writing team

  • Unlimited essays regardless of number of schools applied to

success rate

10+ years
of success stories

students coached

Too good to be true? Not according to my students.

"I wouldn't have gotten my high SAT score without Harvey."

Tessa Coutu, FL, accepted into Barnard

"Harvey's an asset to any family who would like their child go to a competitive university."

Robert Greenberg, NY, accepted into Cornell

Your Investment


(fixed fee paid in 10 monthly installments)

for all-inclusive multi-year package of unlimited 1:1 support that gives your child a 95% chance to get into the school of their dreams

Apply today. Only 5 spots left for July!

Because of individual attention and the unlimited support your child will get, spots in my program are strictly limited. Book a 45-minute free, no strings attached call today to learn more about my program and talk about your child and their future plans.

Why Work With Me?

With so many options for SAT tutoring and college admissions counseling, trying to find the best option for your child can be nerve-wracking for the whole family. Here are three reasons you may have finally found it:

All-Inclusive Package That Goes Beyond SAT Scores

You won't find any other tutors who offer to not only raise your child's SAT score but also to guide them through the entire college admissions process, including developing a personal branding and marketing campaign for your child to stand out among other applicants.


Unlimited and Personal Support

Most other tutoring programs are short term, while I offer unlimited coaching sessions because I know that your child will likely need at least 6 months of practice to achieve the desired SAT score. I'll also adjust the coaching sessions to your child's personality and learning style to help them perform their best without overwhelm.


Guaranteed Success Rate of 95%


Notoriously skeptical Entrepreneur Magazine calculated my success rate for getting students into their first-choice school at an astounding 95%.  I have fine tuned my system over the last 10 years to ensure my students maintain a clear competitive advantage over those working with other tutoring companies.


Bright. Compassionate. Dedicated.

That's how my students often describe me.  Read the testimonials of happy students and their parents below.

Alexander Frongillo, MA, Brown Accepted

Nicole F, MI, (Parent) Columbia/Cornell Accepted

"Heartfelt Thanks"
Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 5.41.37 AM.png

Thank you Harvey, for being an oasis of integrity and insanely good customer service in an industry where (at least in our experience) there are a lot of bad or – sadly – incompetent apples. After a horrendous experience with one of the "highest rated" admissions coaches in our area, we found you and you made everything right. You amazed us with your expertise, insight, creativity and humor. Just as you said, the admissions package you guided Hannah to put together, the essays you helped her write and the 1550 SAT score (up from 1380) she received courtesy of your College Wizard Rules made Hannah stand out even against this year's mind bogglingly stiff competition, ensuring her acceptance at Yale. Keep up your important work.

"Brown Here We Come"
Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 5.41.37 AM.png

In a year when all our friends have been mourning their losses, we are so proud of our daughter's admission to Dartmouth, Tufts, Amherst & Brown. She'll be joining the Brown Class of 2026. And we owe so much to Harvey. Harvey and his team really are miracle workers. In this difficult year, our results speak for themselves.

Paul R.
May 17, 2022

Ralph A.
May 20, 2022


Q1: When would be the best time to enroll in your program?


The optimal time for your child to sign up would be any time in 10th grade. 9th grade could also work for advanced students who have already begun Algebra II. We can discuss this during a free info call. The latest you can sign up is July of 11th grade.

Q2: My child has a jam-packed schedule. How time-consuming is your program?


I ask students to commit a minimum of 30 minutes per day toward SAT practice until the desired score is reached.  Project creation and essay crafting is typically done during the summer, and as long as students dedicate a few hours per week, my efficient, streamlined process allows them to turn out higher quality, more impressive projects and essays in far less time than when working by themselves or with traditional coaching firms.


Q3: With schools going SAT optional, does it make sense to invest in SAT preparation?


Except for the University of California and a few other schools, even SAT optional schools will be looking at SAT scores as part of the admissions process.  Given the intense competition for spots at the most selective schools, doesn't it make sense for a student to do everything possible to distinguish themselves?


Beyond that, high SAT scores remain essential for schools that still require them (for example, MIT), for National Merit Finalist designation, and for your child to be able to compete for prestigious honors programs and merit scholarship awards.

Q4: Do you offer any other options besides your $10,000 comprehensive program?


You can also purchase only the unlimited SAT tutoring component or the branding/essay crafting component of my program. Your investment for either of these options is $5000.

Not sure what option would be best? Book a free call to learn more about my program and make an informed decision.

Because of individual attention and the unlimited support your child will get, spots in my program are strictly limited. Book a 45-minute free, no strings attached call today to learn more about my program and talk about your child and their future plans.

Apply today. Only 5 spots left for July!