SAT/ACT Brain Training

My SAT/ACT brain training system is so unique, I understand why some parents are skeptical of my results until they see it in action.  But if you take advantage of my FREE Skype lesson, you can evaluate whether my method is appropriate for your student's learning style.


My system is so simple and precise, I guarantee that any student who follows it with absolute consistency will answer every question on the SAT, ACT and PSAT correctly.  Straight 'A' students who continue to practice my method usually break 1530 SAT or 34 ACT, while less accomplished students almost always hit their desired score with consistent practice.


Even notoriously skeptical ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE  concluded that "while not all of the College Wizard's clients score perfectly on their college entrance exams, most of them (and their bill-paying parents) are over the moon when they jump several hundred points." 


On the other hand, the WALL STREET JOURNAL found traditional SAT and ACT preparation firms like Kaplan and Princeton Review often do very little to actually boost scores.


The SAT and ACT are very TRICKY tests, which is why scoring well is less about what you know and more about having a method that lets you answer the questions correctly.  My one-on-one tutoring protocol ensures each student understands and is able to utilize my unique algorithm, thereby eliminating all confusion and making the correct answer easy to spot.


My brain training allows students to beat the SAT, ACT and PSAT by following a simple handful of rules that guarantee the right answer every time.  In fact, there is just one rule you really need to score perfectly on the reading sections.  (That's what I teach in my free Skype lesson.)

But while my brain training algorithm is perfect, students may not be.   Even when a student has learned my system to perfection, he or she may not actually follow it 100% on the day of the test.   


After training students to beat the SAT and ACT over the last 40 years, I have learned that even the most intelligent students frequently require more practice than they expect, with multiple tries taking a real SAT or ACT, before they achieve their desired score. That is why I offer unlimited lessons – providing students with an opportunity to receive continued guidance until their brains are sufficiently trained to achieve the desired score, regardless of how many tries it takes.

Skype technology duplicates the experience of in-home tutoring but with greater scheduling ease. If you have reservations about using Skype versus in-home tutoring, I invite you to schedule my FREE Skype lesson in order to experience what a Skype lesson actually feels like.


Because I offer sessions on weekday afternoons and running late into the evening, as well as on weekends, even students with very busy schedules have no trouble fitting in lessons with us.