Back in high school, I thought there had to be objective patterns underneath SAT questions that the College Board was using to prove why their answer was the only correct one (to protect themselves from lawsuits.)

Maybe I'm the only one who found these patterns because I was the only one really looking for them.


And using the patterns I discovered, I went from 1200 on my own PSAT to 1580 on my SAT. 

But I knew that if I could simplify and teach all of the patterns to others, I could be the best SAT tutor in the world.

And I have spent the last 40 years perfecting my system and guiding students to life-changing perfect and near-perfect SAT scores.

Last year,100% of my high achieving students who learned my system and put in the practice to master it broke 1530+ on their SAT.

The best compliment I ever got for my SAT tutoring system came from the founder of the Princeton Review, who was interested in buying it.  After a quick demonstration, he said, "Well, Harvey, I guess I could say our systems are cousins of one another, but to be honest, I am your very stupid cousin."


Even notoriously skeptical ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE  concluded that, "Harvey has proved his merit. While not all of his clients score perfectly on their college entrance exams, most of them (and their bill-paying parents) are over the moon when they jump several hundred points. More important, 95 percent of the students are accepted by the college of their choice."

But my system only works if your teen is willing to put in the practice to master it.


That's why I offer UNLIMITED 1-on-1 ZOOM LESSONS over UNLIMITED TIME for a single package price to give my students all the guidance and practice they need to achieve any score they want.