3 Reasons You're Likely To Regret NOT Hiring Me

  1. My Success Rate Is Nearly 100%.  But sadly, a large share of my clients hire me only after they have wasted money and time on other tutoring.  Parents are constantly saying they wish they had found me sooner.  My mathematically precise SAT/ACT algorithm is so simple that students learn it  in about 3 lessons.  With enough practice, any student has a clear path to their desired score.  (Skeptical?  Just read my reviews below)


  2. I'm The Only Tutor That Offers Unlimited Lessons.  Most students need a lot more practice than other tutoring companies will admit.  Unlimited lessons ensure that virtually any score is possible as long as students keep practicing.  Students just log into my portal and clock their practice time, which keeps them accountable and on the right track. And they get live 1-on-1 tutoring after every assignment is complete.

  3. Time Is Of The Essence.  Some students can make progress with self-study, but not without a lot of time wasted on trial and error.  Because a low SAT or ACT can make or break a student's educational future, doesn't it make sense to choose a sure thing leaving as much available time as possible for getting good grades and building an impressive extracurricular resume?

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Unlimited Tutoring on SAT and/or ACT until  a perfect score or your desired score is reached for $1900 (payment plan available)

Unlimited Tutoring on SAT and/or ACT until  a perfect score or your desired score is reached, combined with complete college admissions coaching, for $2900 (payment plan available)


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