Admissions Marketing

Having interviewed students for Dartmouth for over 10 years, I know that even a perfect SAT score is no guarantee of getting admitted to elite schools.
That's why I create Admissions Marketing Hooks that help get 100% of the students completing my program into their dream school.
Given the level of competition that exists, a students must STAND OUT from all the other highly accomplished students in the applicant pool in order to get accepted.
(Which could become even more crucial at schools that are making SAT optional.)
I look at admissions coaching as a MARKETING exercise.  (To which I bring the same entrepreneurial expertise that allowed me to build a series of multi-million dollar businesses.)
I guide my students to sell themselves to admissions officers in the most powerful and unique way possible.  

Below are examples of marketing hooks that helped my students gain admissions to some of the most competitive schools in the country:

  • A student who was already an accomplished musical theater actress wrote, directed and produced her own Off-Broadway show that raised over $10,000 for charity

  • A student with extensive travel experience but a somewhat weak extracurricular resume wrote and published a book with vignettes of her experiences, and also created a radio show where she read her stories

  • A debate champion became a $200/hour speech consultant, teaching adults how to be better public speakers and negotiators

  • A competitive swimmer established an organization that provides swimming lessons for underprivileged kids

  • A student who had tragically lost her dad established a support group for teens who had lost a parent

Marketing hooks like these allow my students to easily beat out even those who are "captain of the tennis team" or "editor of the yearbook."

Best of all, once I show students how to do it, they are able to create remarkable businesses or charities as marketing hooks in as little as two weeks.