Wizard Consulting, LLC warrants that if any student follows the College Wizard SAT Rules & Regimen as laid out in the course but fails to score 1530+ on a real SAT, I will gladly refund the price of the course.


It should be understood that my primary goal is to support students in succeeding, but to make sure a student is utilizing my rules to best effect, refunds will only be issued to those who establish they are following the prescribed regimen.

Therefore, to quality for a refund, a student must:

1. Complete at least one full practice test per month using my rules for each month following enrollment in the online course.  To verify this has been accomplished, a student should submit their letter answers  for each question on tests completed contemporaneous with completing each test to

2. Since the expected number of tests completed to achieve a 1530+ is 20-30, students requesting a refund must have completed at least 30 tests prior to requesting a refund.

3. Student must score at least 90% on a test of my rules to verify that the rules have been memorized in accordance with my prescribed regimen as laid out in the course.

4. Since students frequently require multiple attempts at a real SAT to hit a 1530+ score, the student must provide official score reports from at least 3 College Board administered SAT tests.

5. Since vocabulary weakness is one of the primary reasons for failure to hit 1530+, student must score at least 90% on a test of the vocabulary words provides in the course.

To request a refund, please contact me directly at