College Admissions Coaching

Even students who achieve  perfect or near perfect SAT or ACT scores need to differentiate themselves in today's insanely competitive environment. College admissions officers must be convinced that students they accept are capable of adding something UNIQUE to the freshman class.
Harvey approaches college admissions coaching from an entrepreneurial perspective, turning each student into a one-of-a-kind brand reflected in both the extracurricular resume and all application essays.
First, Harvey works with each student personally to create the kind of wunderkind profile that admissions officers can't resist.


Harvey's distinctive approach combines a precise understanding of how admissions officers think – gained through over 10 years experience as a Dartmouth interviewer – with the marketing expertise that allowed Harvey to create a series of multi-million dollar businesses.

Below are examples of projects Harvey helped students create (in 6 weeks or less) that helped them gain admission to the most competitive schools in the nation:

  • A student who was already an accomplished musical theater actress wrote, directed and produced her own Off-Broadway show that raised over $10,000 for charity

  • A student with extensive travel experience but a somewhat weak extracurricular resume wrote and published a book with vignettes of her experiences, and also created a radio show where she read her stories

  • A debate champion became a $200/hour speech consultant, teaching adults how to be better public speakers and negotiators

  • A competitive swimmer established an organization that provides swimming lessons for underprivileged kids

  • A student who had tragically lost her dad established a support group for teens who had lost a parent

When it comes to helping students with college essays, Harvey brings not only his experience as a Dartmouth interviewer, but also his successful turns as an advertising copywriter and published songwriter, to help create memorable writing that grabs admissions officers emotionally and makes them pay attention.

The secret to a great college essay is a great story.  Harvey makes sure students spend ample time brainstorming great story ideas from their own lives, because once a compelling story is identified, the essay practically writes itself.

Harvey guides students from start to finish on all essays, including the crucial Common App essay as well as all supplemental essays.

Below are a couple of Common App essays written by students with Harvey's guidance:

Sample Application Essay 1

Sample Application Essay 2