College Admissions Coaching

College admissions coaching is an integral part of my UNLIMITED PLUS  package.


My unique approach combines my many years experience as a Dartmouth interviewer, with the same entrepreneurial marketing techniques that have allowed me to build a series of successful businesses, into helping a student market himself or herself to a highly competitive college.

While the salesmanship may be clever, the process must be entirely organic – a student must take those qualities that make him or her special and develop and accentuate them during the high school years, substantiated by activities and projects I suggest to use a student's time most efficiently.  In most cases, this includes guiding a student toward becoming the CEO of his or her own company or charity.  (It's a lot easier than you might think!)

The end result is a high school resume designed to blow college admissions officers away and create the greatest possible chance of being accepted.


The components of my admissions coaching include:

Evaluation/Action Plan

  • Assessing student academic & extracurricular strengths

  • Developing a unique branding strategy built around the student's existing interests and abilities that make the student stand out to admissions officers

  • Coaching student to become CEO of his or her own company or charity (aligned with the branding strategy)  to absolutely "wow" admissions officers


Application/Essay Preparation

  • Helping students present their unique abilities to admissions officers in the most powerful way 

  • Using brainstorming and writing exercises to guide students toward exceptional essay topics

  • Coaching students through the process of essay writing and application preparation

  • Review of applications and essays prior to submission