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College Wizard® $599 Program Guarantees Top 25 School Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarships

Starting on January 1, 2024, I'm going back to basics.

When I started College Wizard® in 2010, I offered just five lessons with me, which was enough to get any kid who practiced to 1530+.

But of course, many kids didn't practice enough to become an expert in my rules, and so they didn't get good results. 

And the ones who did become experts were sufficiently self-motivated and driven to hit 1530+ on their own.

But then, to ensure my own reputation, I felt forced to offer unlimited lessons for a package price so that parents felt comfortable enough to hire me.

Still, the students who practiced enough got the score and those who didn't practice enough did not.

Same thing with admission coaching.  Regardless of how many meetings with me, some students do the work and others don't.

So I'm no longer selling live tutoring and coaching.

I've come to realize that this kind of extensive handholding just makes kids softer than they already are.  Because the kids who truly have what it takes will do it perfectly with my incredibly well designed system.

So I'm selling everything I ever taught in my $10,000 unlimited admission coaching program explained step by step in a series of video modules for only $599 (pre-sale).  I'll be charging $998 when the course is officially released on January 1, 2024.

In fact, these modules are EXACTLY the same ones parents have been paying me up to $10,000 for.

This past year, I discovered that students followed direction better and completed their Wow Factor projects and essays faster when they just watched my video modules, completed the attached assignments and sent them to me for review.  So they got even better results without even meeting with me.

And you will be able to purchase this guaranteed admission system shortly for only $599 (pre-sale).

That should make admission coaching equally democratic and affordable for everyone.  And remember, because my methods are so much better, I'm the only one who can money back guarantee Top 25 admission & full ride merit scholarship at any price.

I know my videos work, because I've watched my $10,000 clients use them to create multiple adult-level businesses and charities that stem from their own interests, to promote their ventures and become internet superstars, to publish full-blown fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon more impressive than many adult authors, to become podcast hosts and social media influencers, and finally how to put together the most amazing essays you've ever seen using a simple step by step system my students have used for years to achieve admission to the most competitive schools in the country – with 100% success.

Since I've been money-back guaranteeing my $10,000 program without a problem, of course I'll be attaching that same money-back guarantee to the $599 program!

But students will have to do the work themselves, without me nudging them.

And yes, the guarantee states specific things students must do in order to keep the guarantee valid (like actually doing the prescribed assignments).

Just like in the old days, remember?

And if that doesn't work for your kid, I'm starting to think it's unethical to pay an admission coach to hand hold them into doing it.

More info on signing up for the $599 program will be coming out in the next few days, but if you are interested in joining, please email me.


"I wouldn't have gotten my high SAT score without Harvey."

Tessa Coutu, FL, accepted into Barnard

"Harvey helped me gain admission early decision to my dream university."

Imani Hall, MA, accepted into Duke

"Harvey works so hard for his students, and he really cares."

Charlotte Silver, FL, accepted into Duke

"Harvey proved to me the SAT reading section can be beaten mathematically."

Alexander Frongillo, MA, accepted into Brown

"Harvey's an asset to any family who would like their child go to a competitive university."

Robert Greenberg, NY, accepted into Cornell

"My son's guidance counselor said he wouldn't get accepted to Yale. But Harvey helped him get in."

Donna Bridge, FL, child accepted into Yale

"Harvey helped me increase my SAT score by 400 points."

Jake Darrah, GA, accepted into Naval Academy

"Harvey's unlimited lessons really helped my daughter achieve her 1550 SAT score."

Nicole F., MI, child accepted into Columbia

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