This agreement is entered into on  


between Wizard Consulting, LLC ("College Wizard") and the parent ("Parent") and student ("Student") named below.


College Wizard shall provide Student with private SAT/ACT tutoring and College Counseling.


SAT/ACT Tutoring
Tutoring shall consist of unlimited live one-on-one sessions between College Wizard and Student. Lessons are generally 60 minutes in length, but longer or shorter lessons may occur in accordance with the needs of the Student. Sessions shall be provided via SKYPE video-chat, or telephone in the event of unforeseen internet issues. In addition, College Wizard will provide as much additional tutoring and support as needed via email, SKYPE chat or instant messaging.


College Wizard shall exercise best efforts to tutor Student in effective strategies for achieving the highest possible score on all sections of the SAT/ACT.


Student agrees to follow College Wizard's direction, and to diligently complete assignments. Student shall spend approximately five hours taking SAT/ACT practice tests for each hour of live instruction provided. Parent agrees to help oversee that student is completing the required practice tests.


Student is entitled to unlimited email communication with College Wizard between live sessions.


College Wizard guarantees to continue working with Student at no additional cost, for as long as Student is continuing to practice, until a perfect 1600, perfect 36 or whatever score desired is reached, provided that Student attends all scheduled sessions and continues to follow the assigned practice regimen. There is no limit on the total number of lessons nor on the timeframe during which the lessons will be provided.  However, a maximum of two lessons may be scheduled within any individual week.

College Counseling
College Wizard will provide Student and Parent with advice and counseling relative to gaining admission to college. Counseling may include a basic "branding" concept for Student to be used in helping Student gain the positive attention of college admissions officers. College Wizard may provide one or more unique project concepts as the basis for student branding, frequently including guidance in establishing Student as CEO of his own company or charity.


Parent and Student agree to provide College Wizard with all requested information , including test scores, grades, list of courses taken and activities pursued, college preferences, etc in order to develop an appropriate branding concept and accompanying project concept(s).


College Wizard will also assist Student with brainstorming ideas for college essays, review and editing of any essays submitted to him and review of any application materials submitted to him. Assistance includes unlimited questions via email regarding any and all facets of the college application process.

Total fee for SAT/ACT Tutoring and College Counseling is $3900. Initial payment of $650 is required prior to commencement of work with additional $650 payments made every 30 days until the balance is paid.


Cancellation and Refunds
Since College Wizard sets time aside in his schedule for each individual student, once this agreement is executed upon transmission of payment, it may not be cancelled. Fees paid are not refundable. Out of respect for the tutor's time, we request that cancellations we made no later than within three hours of said meeting.


No Guarantees
It is understood that College Wizard cannot guarantee acceptance to any school, college or university. The services provided by College Wizard are to assist Student in achieving higher SAT/ACT scores, and to submit the most competitive college admissions applications possible.