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Get A 1530+ SAT Score, Dream School Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarships With A Polymath Admission Coach By Your Side.

I've been blessed with extraordinary abilities – including a 169 IQ – which has allowed me to accomplish more in one lifetime than most people.

A polymath is defined as someone who has achieved great success across a dizzying array of arenas.  I first learned the word "polymath" myself when the Wikipedia editors used it to reject my first Wikipedia page.  The reason given?  "Polymaths are so rare, it's more likely he's lying about his accomplishments."

The Wikipedia editors could not believe that I was not only a self-made internet multimillionaire – my story is told in the NYT Bestseller, Get Rick Click – but also a published songwriter, successful musician, award winning photographer, bestselling author, world's winningest college admission coach, successful filmmaker, philanthropist and globetrotting standup comedian.

However, if you read my press and testimonials, as well as take a little time to research me and to sample the content on my Youtube Channel, I think you will be convinced of my extraordinary abilities and polymath status.

My out-of-the-box techniques, reflected in the branding profile I'll design for your teen, are based on my own success starting multiple businesses and charities either very similar to or exactly like the ones I will guide your teen step-by-step to creating.

Even skeptical Entrepreneur Magazine calculated my success rate getting teens into their dream schools at 95%.


So just to prove how powerful a wizard I am, I’m going to create a FREE "Wow Factor" Branding Profile for your teen, guaranteed to give them the best possible chance of admission to their dream school.

It could be one of the most impactful 15 minutes of your teen's life.



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Success Rate For Students  Who Don't Give Up

Success Is Inevitable
When You Have The Right Coach

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"I wouldn't have gotten my high SAT score without Harvey."

Tessa Coutu, FL, accepted into Barnard

"Harvey helped me gain admission early decision to my dream university."

Imani Hall, MA, accepted into Duke

"Harvey's an asset to any family who would like their child go to a competitive university."

Robert Greenberg, NY, accepted into Cornell

"My son's guidance counselor said he wouldn't get accepted to Yale. But Harvey helped him get in."

Donna Bridge, FL, child accepted into Yale

"Harvey's unlimited lessons really helped my daughter achieve her 1550 SAT score."

Nicole F., MI, child accepted into Columbia

"Harvey helped me increase my SAT score by 400 points."

Jake Darrah, GA, accepted into Naval Academy

"Harvey proved to me the SAT reading section can be beaten mathematically."

Alexander Frongillo, MA, accepted into Brown

"Harvey works so hard for his students, and he really cares."

Charlotte Silver, FL, accepted into Duke

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