"Harvey has proved his merit. While not all of his clients score perfectly on their college entrance exams, most of them (and their bill-paying parents) are over the moon when they jump several hundred points. More important, 95 percent of the students are accepted by the college of their choice. Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2012

Why Do Virtually All Of My Students Achieve 1530+ SAT Scores & Dream School Admission?
  1. My incredibly simple proprietary SAT rules really do guarantee a perfect 1600 SAT score when followed.

  2. Unlimited private Zoom lessons ensure students eventually hit the score they are capable of on a real SAT.

  3. I help students brand themselves using the same marketing techniques that made me a successful serial entrepreneur: the companies, charities and application essays I guide my students to create make them positively irresistible to college admissions officers.

  4. The handful of students I accept into my program always work with me personally.

  5. I only accept highly motivated, 4.0+ GPA students into my program.

My Video Success Stories

Tessa Coutu, FL, Barnard Class Of 2024

Robert Greenberg, NY, Cornell Class Of 2023

Imani Hall, MA, Duke Class Of 2024

Donna Bridge, FL, (Parent) Yale Class Of 2023

Charlotte Silver, FL, Duke Class Of 2024

Jake Darrah, GA, Naval Academy Class Of 2017