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Guaranteed 1530+ SAT Score, Dream School Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarship For $10K Or Your Money Back

Completing My $10K College Wizard® Program Guarantees A 1530+ SAT Score, Dream School Admission  & Full Ride Merit Scholarship Or Your Money Back

What if the world's leading college admission expert was willing to take your teen under his wing and coach them to stand out in the college admission process in ways no ordinary admission coach could conceive of?

That's exactly what I do for the handful of high achieving students I accept into my College Wizard® Program each year.


And nobody else in the world can match my money back guarantee because nobody else in the world has a SYSTEM as reliably successful as mine.

Here's what Entrepreneur magazine wrote about me:

"Harvey's business proposition sounds like the type of wacky offer you'd find advertised in the back of an old comic book, next to the X-ray specs: A perfect score on your SAT, results guaranteed! Yet Harvey has proved his merit. While not all of his clients score a perfect SAT, 95% are accepted by the college of their choice."

The College Wizard® Program takes a year to complete and requires a commitment of 30 minutes per day.

Completing the College Wizard® Program guarantees a 1530+ SAT score, as well as dream school admission and full ride merit scholarship awards commensurate with the student's GPA and class rank at time of application.

My secret sauce is a combination of an SAT system so good the Princeton Review wanted to buy it, together with marketing admission and application essay crafting secrets I've refined over the last 45 years of quietly getting students into highly selective schools (I'm 63, after all, even though folks think I'm 43.)

I'm not only a former Dartmouth District Enrollment Director, but also an internet multimillionaire – my story is told in the NYT Bestseller, Get Rich Quick – as well as a published songwriter, award winning photographer, successful musician, bestselling author, filmmaker, philanthropist and globetrotting standup comedian.

As you can see, I don't have the resume of an ordinary admission coach or SAT tutor.  But that's why I achieve results so extraordinary that I can confidently offer a money back guarantee when nobody else can.

I'm happy to pull the curtain back and show you exactly how I've gotten 100% of the high achieving students who have completed The College Wizard® Program 1530+ SAT Scores, Dream School Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarships.

Think your teen might be a good fit for the College Wizard® Program? Click The Red Button!

"I wouldn't have gotten my high SAT score without Harvey."

Tessa Coutu, FL, accepted into Barnard

"Harvey helped me gain admission early decision to my dream university."

Imani Hall, MA, accepted into Duke

"Harvey works so hard for his students, and he really cares."

Charlotte Silver, FL, accepted into Duke

"Harvey proved to me the SAT reading section can be beaten mathematically."

Alexander Frongillo, MA, accepted into Brown

"Harvey's an asset to any family who would like their child go to a competitive university."

Robert Greenberg, NY, accepted into Cornell

"My son's guidance counselor said he wouldn't get accepted to Yale. But Harvey helped him get in."

Donna Bridge, FL, child accepted into Yale

"Harvey helped me increase my SAT score by 400 points."

Jake Darrah, GA, accepted into Naval Academy

"Harvey's unlimited lessons really helped my daughter achieve her 1550 SAT score."

Nicole F., MI, child accepted into Columbia

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Now that I've made all my dreams come true, let me start working on yours.



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“Success is doing what
others are unable, unwilling
or too scared to do.”

Harvey Wizard

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