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Meet Harvey Wizard In 0:59

I'm Harvey Wizard, The Guy Who Beat The SAT & The College Admission Process.

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!


Parents like you are being misled about what really raises SAT scores by ALL of these companies:

• Kaplan

• Princeton Review

• Revolution Prep

• C2 Education

• StudyPoint

• PrepScholar

• Prep Expert 

• Private Prep

• CollegeVine

• Solomon 

• Prepory 

• Top Tier 

• College Coach

• Ivy Wise

• Ivy Coach

• Empowerly

• Opus 

All of these companies claim to be able to "identify your teen's SAT weaknesses and fix them." 

That's why most give you their own "diagnostic tests", which are FRAUDULENT across the board. 


These tests are purposely DIFFERENT from real SAT tests, and designed to make your teen score particularly low, so the testing company can SELL you as much tutoring as possible – at ridiculously high prices!

And even if your teen does well on their diagnostic tests, industry salespeople are instructed to LIE and claim the score is lower.  Again, to SELL you as much tutoring as possible.

I've got sworn statements from former employees to prove it.

This "content teaching method" has been proven disastrously ineffective time and again, but it allows these companies to make an easy living at your expense.

The test prep and college admission prep industry are perpetuating an SAT tutoring approach that steals your money, as well as your teen's future.

The SAT is not like a school test.  It's a standardized test designed to help colleges screen out students. If it just tested fundamentals, too many students would do well on it.

High achieving students, already achieving top grades in school, pretty much know the content. That's why so many parents call me and say, "I don't understand!  My kid gets straight As in school!"

The real problem is beating the test itself!


Students need a way to reverse engineer the test, a way to recognize the incredibly tricky patterns that undergird it and answer accordingly.


Think of SAT Code Breaker 54 as the times tables for the SAT. 


Approaching the SAT without SAT Code Breaker 54 is like trying to multiply without the benefit of times tables!


Simply put, memorizing and using consistently my 54 simple rules guarantees a 1530+ score. 

SAT Code Breaker 54 trains your student's brain to recognize the patterns that undergird the entire SAT. 

Even skeptical Entrepreneur Magazine admits it works:


"Harvey's business proposition sounds like the type of wacky offer you'd find advertised in the back of an old comic book, next to the X-ray specs: A perfect score on your SAT, results guaranteed! Yet Harvey has proved his merit. While not all of his clients score a perfect SAT, 95% are accepted by the college of their choice."


SAT Code Breaker 54 gives your teen the best possible chance to get a 1530+ SAT score without getting ripped off for thousands of dollars by all the unethical, dishonest and price gouging SAT tutoring & college admission companies out there.

What amazed John Katzman – the founder of the Princeton Review – is that I have managed to reduce the entire SAT to a simple set of rules that are infallible.

This video tells the whole story of how I met John Katzman and what led up to him saying, "Well, Harvey, I guess I could say our systems are cousins of one another, but to be honest, I would be your very stupid cousin."

Since The Princeton Review is the granddaddy of all modern SAT tutoring – the founders of Revolution Prep got their start at the Princeton Review – John Katzman's own statement, "I would be your very stupid cousin" lets you know how much money you could be wasting on all the SAT tutoring companies you know so well.

I want your teen to master SAT Code Breaker 54 so badly, I want you to try it 7 Days FREE so you can see how different it is from anything else in the SAT Prep Industry.


Want PREMIUM Help?

If you've got a high achieving teen, click here to apply to work with me 1-on-1 exclusively.  My College Wizard® Program includes unlimited multi-year access to me personally for 1-on-1 SAT Tutoring, Passion Project Creation & Application Essay Drafting.  For a limited time, the cost is reduced from $10K to $3,900, and it's MONEY BACK GUARANTEED to achieve 1530+ SAT, Top 25 School Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarship Offers.

"I wouldn't have gotten my high SAT score without Harvey."

Tessa Coutu, FL, accepted into Barnard

"Harvey helped me gain admission early decision to my dream university."

Imani Hall, MA, accepted into Duke

"Harvey works so hard for his students, and he really cares."

Charlotte Silver, FL, accepted into Duke

"Harvey proved to me the SAT reading section can be beaten mathematically."

Alexander Frongillo, MA, accepted into Brown

"Harvey's an asset to any family who would like their child go to a competitive university."

Robert Greenberg, NY, accepted into Cornell

"My son's guidance counselor said he wouldn't get accepted to Yale. But Harvey helped him get in."

Donna Bridge, FL, child accepted into Yale

"Harvey helped me increase my SAT score by 400 points."

Jake Darrah, GA, accepted into Naval Academy

"Harvey's unlimited lessons really helped my daughter achieve her 1550 SAT score."

Nicole F., MI, child accepted into Columbia

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Now that I've made all my dreams come true, let me start working on yours.



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“Success is doing what
others are unable, unwilling
or too scared to do.”

Harvey Wizard

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